Since 2012, DynaSolar has successfully served our clients with over ONE BILLION DOLLARS of fully installed renewable energy assets.

DynaSolar is a vertically integrated renewable energy ‘one stop shop’. We act as the investor’s representative in project design, procurement, construction, operation and maintenance, and security services. Our services are designed to help investors and developers with a portfolio of project sites from origination to operation.

DynaSolar is engaged by an exclusive clientele of Investment Groups, System Owners, and Developers. New clients are accepted on a selective basis, contingent upon portfolio needs. We are actively seeking development partners with quality projects in need of funding.

We have successfully created millions of dollars in cost-savings for our partners and we are dedicated to the continued deployment of megawatts of solar PV and wind at the lowest cost and with the least risk. Our prime directive is to deliver the highest possible return on investment to our clients.

Our team is committed to excellence in every aspect of the solar management and construction process. We have been working together to produce quality projects for over a decade and have the experience needed to make your project portfolio a success! 

  • Nationwide, DynaSolar currently has more than 200 MW of solar on the books for completion in 2018, and the team has been involved with the installation of over one million solar panels.

  • DynaSolar EPCM managed the projects of one of the largest portfolios of single projects in the United States. Our team internally sourced 44% of the developed sites for the investment fund. These assets represented the single largest renewables infrastructure fund raised globally in 2012.

  • DynaSolar EPCM and Armada Wind have successfully served our clients with over one billion dollars of fully installed Renewable Energy assets in the last three years.

“The project and process organization provided by DynaSolar resulted in cost improvements estimated to be in excess of $6,000,000. This amount was substantially in excess of the costs of services provided by DynaSolar."
–Bob McClenachan, Capital Dynamics

DynaSolar EPCM

DynaSolar EPCM (Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management) is an exclusive Solar PV Program Management partner. We act as the Investor’s Representative in project design, procurement, EPC selection and management, construction cost control, quality management and reporting. DynaSolar’s EPCM services are designed to help independent and institutional investors, developers and end users with a portfolio of project sites ... Read More

DynaSolar Services

The DynaSolar Services team has some of the best contractors in the industry to provide nationwide Operations and Maintenance services to the end user and finance community. Our 24 hour a day monitoring and rigorous monthly preventative maintenance schedule is unparalleled in the industry. As an O&M provider we have the field experience necessary to properly maintain, diagnose and quickly repair any issues that may arise ... Read More

DynaSolar DevCo

DynaSolar DevCois an exclusive solar investment platform for a leading low-carbon infrastructure private equity investor. We are focused on U.S. solar projects that are ready for equity investment; we can contribute capabilities and capital to get projects to readiness for construction. In general, we seek to partner, rather than compete, with developers so our partners get the value they deserve for what they've created.... Read More 

Armada Wind

Armada Wind is a subsidiary of DynaSolar EPCM and serves as an Investor’s representative for wind farm development and construction. With over 20 years of experience building wind projects, the Armada Wind team is prepared to be your partner throughout the project lifecycle; engineering, equipment selection and procurement, construction monitoring and inspection,... Read More